Boker Solingen – Mammut II

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Over the impressive period of 4 million years, huge flocks of mammoths lived on large parts of the Earth. Approximately 4000 years ago, the last remaining populations of these majestic animals disappeared. The mammoth was a favored prey of the early humans. Again and again, almost entirely preserved specimens of mammoths are found in the Siberian plains, which are in perfect condition due to constant sub-zero temperatures. Parts of a mammoth molar were chosen as handle material for this pristine collector’s knife. The unique structure of these teeth and the extreme hardness provide an exceptional exclusivity in serial knife manufacturing. Comes with certificate of authenticity.

Overall length: 11,4 cm
Blade length: 5,5 cm
Weight: 40 g
Blade material: 4034
Handle material: Mammutzahn