Mossberg™ 27-Bulb Multi-Purpose Tracking LED Flashlight

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The lighting works on independent switches. One switch operates the white bulbs, depress once, white lights on, depress again, white lights off. The second switch operates the blood tracking bulbs and the green bulbs. Depress once, the blood tracking bulbs come on, depress again and the blood tracking bulbs turn off and the green bulbs turn on. Depress again and the bulbs are off. This setup allows you to turn the green bulbs on without having to cycle through white bulbs and keeps from scaring the wild game. Measures 6-1/2” long. Limited one year warranty. Clamshell.


3 Blue/Violet, 9 Green and 15 White LED Bulbs
Bulbs Have 100,000 Hours of Lamp Life
Aircraft Aluminum Housing
3 AAA Batteries Included
Measures 6-1/2” Long
Limited One Year Warranty