Shanghia Shadow

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The signature ring on our Shanghai Shadow gives this blade an assortment of advantages. This simple device allows tremendous versatility in handling the knife. It provides a totally secure grip when the index finger is locked in place through the hole. It can be pivoted around the index finger for a quick change from a forward to a reverse grip. And it can be a means of extending your arm's reach by up to 4" when gripping the ring alone.

But as cool and useful as the ring is it's the broad leaf shaped blade and Polypropylene handle scales that ultimately make impressions. Made from one solid piece of 1055 Carbon steel, with a tough spring temper, the twin hollow ground edges of a the Shanghai Shadow make it superb cutting and thrusting weapon as well as a good throwing knife. It come fully sharpened and includes a heavy-duty, Secure Ex Sheath.
Item Number:  80PSSK
Name:  Shanghai Shadow
Blade Length:  7"
Overall Length:  13 1/4"
Steel:  1055 Carbon
Weight:  9.2 oz
Blade Thickness:  4 mm
Handle:  Polypropylene
Sheath:  Secure-Ex® Sheath