Steven Segal Helmet Breaker

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Steven Seagal is a Martial Artist who should need no introduction. He found international acclaim and celebrity for his high-octane Action Movies, but he is first and foremost love is the world of Martial Arts.

In the hands of a trained fighter, the Helmet Breaker was a fearsome weapon that struck terror into the hearts of even heavily armored Samurai!

While testing this devastating weapon, Steven nicknamed it the "Mind Bender" because of its incredible bone crushing power!

Painstakingly reproduced from an antique original in Steven Seagal's collection, our Helmet Breaker is made to Steven's personal specifications. Every inch of this unusual weapon is made to the highest standards, from the polished blade to the hand painted and distressed scabbard (which replicates Steven's battle worn antique original).

Weight: 27 oz.
Blade Thickness: 12.7 mm
Blade Length: 13"
Handle: 6 1/4"
Overall: 19 1/4"
Steel: 1090 High Carbon
Sheath: Hardwood Scabbard With Silk Cord Wrap